Noah City State

Noah City - is a rapidly developing state which uses a combination of cutting edge technologies to build an effective economy and a progressive society

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For millennia, people have dreamed of a just state and a transparent system that will provide everyone with equal rights. Today you can become part of such a state.

About us

The state was founded on November 2, 2019. The official date is timed to coincide with the first congress Noah Holders held in Tokyo, Japan. The number of citizens is constantly growing due to the perfection of the state management model [1] and the innovative economy and open information policy.

The political organization of Noah City is direct democracy [2]. Dominant government institutions are ministries, controlled by citizens. The executive bodies are the organizations approved by the state.

Noah City ranks first in the world in terms of density of population dollar millionaires per capita [3], level of education and level of IT literacy.

Noah City is currently in the process of creating a state and acquiring a territory that will allow it to obtain the status of an independent state and, in accordance with the regulations, join the UN.

1. Noah City uses decentralized technologies in economy, jurisprudence and social sphere and also helps to introduce them to other states.

2. For the first time in history, a state implemented a technology, that allows to take into account the vote of each citizen when voting and adjust the numerical component of laws depending on this.

3. The calculation is made according to this formula: the total number of citizens whose balance of the indicated crypto-wallets exceeds $ 1 million divided by the total number of citizens as of 11/15/2019



Become a citizen to get:

  • x2 Noah Blockchain voting Power
  • x1 Noah City Profit sharing
  • Access to the Noah City Services and Infrastructure
  • Unlock multiplication x1.2
  • Free Union pay card from the Noah bank
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The state includes two forms of participation

Residents of Noah City


Individuals citizens

  • - The highest density of dollar millionaires per capita
  • - The highest level of education
  • - The highest degree of IT literacy
  • Citizens participate in the country's economy, conducting entrepreneurial activities.

Restrictive quota of 50,000 citizens
Tax rate 0

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Legal residents

  • - Optimal business conditions due to the economic model built around blockchain technology
  • - A wide base of loyal consumers, demonstrating constant growth
  • - High motivation - low taxes, low regulation

Businesses are at the heart of Noah City economy
Restrictive quota - none

What gives citizenship of Noah City

  • You become part of the first state in history with a direct democracy and blockchain economy.
  • You get to influence politics of Noah City and to personally determine the course of its development together with other citizens.
  • You get a share of the Noah City income in case of passive participation, and even more in case of active work or occupying positions in ministries.

Contribute to the development of society and bringing the change to the global paradigm

Become a citizen

Getting a citizenship today is easy!

How to become a citizen?

Citizen Account
Register an account
Digital passport
Fill in your passport details
Paper passport
Get a passport delivered to your home
Activate citizenship on the Noah City platform

The Noah Citizen Starter Pack, when registering a new citizen:

  • Account in the control panel
  • Passport of Noah City State
  • Noah Blockchain wallet for all the state economic operations
  • Noah City citizen page giving the citizens the access to Noah City infrastructure and economic and legislative activities
  • Training course and teaching aids for the effective implementation of civic potential

Noah City Passport

The Noah City Passport confirms the Noah Citizenship. This is an open electronic agreement between a citizen and a state.
Passport is implemented in two formats

1. An official paper document with advanced protection methods (8 steps)

2. An account in the control panel of the state of Noah City

All citizens of Noah City take part in the shared ownership of the state.

  • Live in the Noah City state
  • Acquire real estate, goods, services and shares of enterprises operating within the state
  • Do business and/or get passive income
  • Attend embassies, conventions of Noah Citizens and all special events
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Becoming a citizen today will you save a significant sum and you will start to receive a share of the Noah City income proportional to your status

Left before price increases by 50%

112: 14: 29: 45
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Why get involved today?

Why join now?

  • Noah City citizenship is limited and the number of available citizenships is rapidly declining
  • Noah City citizenship price rises quarterly
  • By becoming a citizen today you begin to receive a share of the income of the state of Noah City

Noah City is an innovative state that uses all the capabilities of technology to realize human potential. Joining Noah City not only provides passive income, but also gives it a unique status

Why join Noah City?

  • For the first time the state pays citizens, and not vice versa
  • For the first time, every citizen is a co-owner of the state
  • For the first time the state transfers a share of its GDP to its citizens
  • For the first time, citizens will be able to directly exercise power, propose and approve laws
  • For the first time, the environment for like-minded people was created, where everyone’s voice is heard and taken into account
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