4 Industries That Will Benefit Most from NOAHCOIN Cryptocurrency

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Industries That Will Benefit The Most From NOAHCOIN Cryptocurrency

There has never been a cryptocurrency in the Philippines like NOAHCOIN, which is a digital token that can be used on its own exclusive platform called the Noah Project. NOAHCOIN will be distributed as a digital currency for various transactions such as remittances, mobile money, discounts, and trading services instead of as a risky investment product that can potentially decrease in value. Indeed, it’s the first of its kind in the market.

Born from a strategic alliance between the Philippines and Japan, the Noah Project aims to develop both public and private businesses in the Philippines. In fact, two are already underway—Noah City in Manila and Noah Resort in Zamboanga del Norte.


To give you a better idea of the vision of Noah Project through NOAHCOIN, here are the industries that will benefit from this unique cryptocurrency offering.

1. Agriculture

Last August 22, 2017, the province of Zamboanga del Norte hosted the Organic Osmena Festival 2020, an event that aims to transform all agriculture in Mindanao to organic production by the year 2020. It was attended by more than 700 organic farmers from various cities in the region.

NOAHCOIN aims to become the medium of exchange and distribution among farmers who took part in the event. Furthermore, infrastructure for the farmers related to production control, distribution control, and sales management will also be developed through NOAHCOIN.

Through the blockchain technology used by NOAHCOIN, farmers will be delivered from subsistence farming. They will experience higher productivity and profitability, as the platform will enable them to eliminate the middleman and distribute their organic produce directly to sellers.

Additionally, NOAHCOIN will provide consumers the opportunity to purchase safe, organic produce directly from farmers.


2. Hospitality

Dakak Beach Resort is partnering up with the Noah Project. An underdeveloped area of their property will be transformed into the Noah Resort, and by June 2018, Dakak Beach Resort will start accepting NOAHCOIN as a payment method in all its facilities.

To date, no other resort accepts a cryptocurrency as a payment method—making NOAHCOIN the first cryptocurrency to be accepted in any resort worldwide.

Another notable plan under the Noah Project is the Noah City, which envisions to build three man-made islands at approximately 140 hectares each within Horizon Manila, a reclaimed land area along Manila Bay.

Resort guests of Dakak Beach Resort and Noah City can choose to either use their Philippine pesos or NOAHCOIN as payment. NOAHCOIN comes with additional perks and discount privileges. Using NOAHCOIN while inside the premises allows users access to exclusive areas, and will allow them to avail of discounts while on site.


3. Remittance

The contribution of OFWs to the Philippine economy is not unbeknownst to many. OFW remittances currently make up approximately 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). OFWs send over $26 billion US dollars in remittances every year, so one can’t discount the value they contribute.

However, OFWs are constantly burdened by high transfer fees, low currency exchange rates, delays, and security issues that significantly reduce the amount of money their families receive in the Philippines.

NOAHCOIN will help alleviate these issues by eliminating the middleman, thus eliminating high transfer fees. NOAHCOIN can be sent directly and instantly to the NOAHCOIN Ark Wallet of their families with minimal charges.

Upon receipt, they can convert NOAHCOIN to Philippine peso, which can be deposited or withdrawn in affiliate banks.


4. Retail and Trading

In the future, NOAHCOIN Ark Wallet can also be used to pay for utility bills, tuition fees, health insurance, and other bills in the Philippines. Furthermore, the Noah Resort in Dakak Beach Resort will encourage the widespread use of the NOAHCOIN in other areas in Mindanao.

Once the Noah City is completed, the usage of NOAHCOIN will spread to other regions of the country. More brick-and-mortar businesses, may it be in the food or retail industry, will start accepting the cryptocurrency NOAHCOIN as a payment method.

Blockchain technology is not just a trend. It’s a revolutionary technology that will help propel economies forward and improve lifestyles across borders. It will boost the economy of the Philippines, and the Noah Project and its cryptocurrency NOAHCOIN is the revolutionary ecosystem that will put the Philippines on the map.

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