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Noah Coin Covered in December 2017 Issue of Forbes Asia


date Dec 11, 2017

An article regarding Noah Coin and Noah Project has been published in the December 2017 issue of Forbes Asia, a biweekly business magazine published by Forbes Media.

The article, entitled “A 21st Century Noah’s Reaches the Philippines,” covers the Organic Osmeña 2020 Festival(*1), held in the Philippines on August 22, 2017. The article describes the significance of this event, at which the country’s agriculture sector came together for the first time with the growing fintech sector.
Occupying both sides of a magazine spread, the article also takes up issues including Noah Coin’s potential as a digital currency, and the vision that Noah Project is aiming to implement. If you happen to come across the article, please be sure to take a look.

(*1) An event held in Sergio Osmeña, Zamboanga del Norte in northwestern Mindanao in conjunction with the launch of a project to convert all agriculture in the region to organic farming by 2020. The event reflected participants’ desire to see the project’s success. The island of Mindanao, on which the event was held, is also where Rodrigo Duterte, current president of the Philippines, grew up.

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