Former Miss International Visits PCMC (Philippine Children’s Medical Center)


date Mar 9, 2017

On March 9th, 2017, Santiago Bea Rose, former Miss International, visited PCMC in order to interact with the children in the facility, by enjoying enjoying meals together among other activities, and recognizing the current state of pediatric care in the Philippines.

PCMC is a pediatric care facility in Quezon City, Philippines that provides high quality medical care for children and education and training for pediatric care employees. Since being founded 35 years ago, it has continued to be the leader in pediatric care in the Philippines and was awarded in 2015 to recognize its high degree of contribution to the country. On the other hand, there are hospital rooms without air conditioning. On extremely hot days, the room temperature is very high, which leads to patients sweating a lot and being exhausted, resulting in the concern of slower recovery times. Also, the medical facilities cannot be considered to be extensive, illustrating the truth about medical sites in the Philippines.

Rose belongs to the Noah Social Innovation Foundation (referred to as NSIF below), which supports PCMC, and her visit was part of this effort. The NSIF was established in December 2016 through a collaboration of volunteers in the world of finance in order to solve social issues that remain in the Philippines, which is developing rapidly.

The NSIF has expressed that they will continue to regularly make donations and visits to this facility in the future. They also carry high hopes of contributing toward improvements regarding various issues other than medical care issues, for the “other Philippines,” which lies in contrast to its astounding economic development.